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A Tribute To A Father - The Cooksey Family
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In Loving Memory

~~~Gone But Not Forgotten~~~

When a person has to deal
 with a death of a loved one
 it is not easy. I should know
 my dad past away just a few months ago
and it has been very hard of my family and I to deal with it.No one should have to go through it,
but it is a way of life we live and we die.
I always thought my dad would
always be here and never leave.
NEVER think that. I have lost
grandparents and aunts and uncles too.
People have loss moms, dads,
husbands, wifes, brothers, sisters,
aunts, uncles and so on. What we don't
 understand is why and I don't have
 any answers for you, but what I can
tell you is that as long as you know
 they lived a long and happy life
then the rest comes easy. Remember
 you have family and firends who
will always love you and be there
 to help you through the hardest
 parts and they will never let you down.
Thats why I would like to say thank
 you to all my family and firends
who have help my family deal
 with the lost of my father.

This is for the ones we have lost and the ones who have died. A LOVING MEMORY FOR MY FAMILY.

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