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A Tribute To A Father - The Cooksey Family
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Wedding Pics

~~~Wedding Pics~~~

"Always keep in mind
that my love for you is never-fading.
Just as you expect the sun to shine in the day
and the moon to glow in the night,
my love for you is always there...
I exist for you and you alone..."

~~~David and Linda~~~
Our Wedding Day April 24, 1999

Our Wedding Song: "From This Moment"
By: Shaina Twain

~~~Linda ( Me )~~~
Here I'am on my Wedding Day. A very happy day for me.

~~~Men in Black~~~
Here is our son DJ dancingto the song "Men in Black"

~~~Our Little Family~~~
Here we are with our son David JR.

~~~My Husband~~~
This is David on our Wedding day.

All Wedding pictures taken by: Cory

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